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CFO Toolbox was established by, Christian Nantel, MPA, CPA, CMA, CFA, a CFO who worked many years as a senior executive and who had to find innovative solutions to address important business needs. These solutions were implemented in multinational companies to address specific issues and they delivered significant results.

    Hyperclose was implemented to reduce reporting time and to increase the analytical aspect of the reporting requirements. In one company, it was taking 10 long days to report the full reporting package for the head office, the region and local. After implementing Hyperclose, the reporting time was down to 1.5 days and the quality of the information drastically improved.

  • Easy to understand

  • In a language you understand

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Fast, accurate decision making

  • This is what Hyperclose is all about, an ASP.NET, SQL SERVER, Winform application and Integrated into Excel that can rely on your existing ERP or accounting softwares

“Why spend the time to key punch all the data over and over again when you can have it directly in Excel...”

Financial Analyst

“I used to spend so much time manipulating data. Now, with the inventory management solution, I can focus on serving the customer...”

Inventory Planner

“Why block customer orders if you do not have the time to control their credit. With the credit management solution, I now can better serve the business...”

Credit Analyst

“I used to feel overwhelmed when I got a request to produce payroll information. Now with the payroll reporting solution, it has become an easy task...”

HR Administrator