REPORTING TOOLS - Why would I choose your solutions instead another ERP?

We do not supply an ERP solution. We essentially offer period closing, reporting and BI solutions. Although we can incoporate additionnal data which is not managed by your existing ERP, our solutions are designed to work on your existing softwares. You have SAP, Oracle, AS400, Unix Applications or other, no problem, we usually connect to all those applications.

FLEXIBILITY - Why would I use your solution like Hyperclose for example instead of the report writer of my ERP ?

What we often find is that the report writers are not user friendly, their require special skills and knowledge to operate and are not perceived as being flexible. Other providers try to offer solutions that can be viewed in Excel. However, the information is not structured in a way that finance professional need. They end up having to continuously reformat the data and do a lot of copy >> paste in other Excel files. Our solution is designed to work directly in Excel they way you need it.

FINANCIAL FOCUS - Why is your solution superior?

Because our solutions have been developped by a CFO and implemented to resolve important management issues, they are designed around the way finance professionnal analyse and monitor business activities. For example, some solutions offer slicing and dicing of information. Although this is interesting, it does not address the need to tie this back to the GL accounts. Numbers get reported in an agregated format pre-defined and finance professionnal spend a lot of time trying to figure out where it comes from and how it relates to the GL. Our solution give you all the information you need, structured the way you need it and integrated into Excel.

INVESTMENT - What is the required investment?

The investment will depend on the level of complexity involved. Multiple systems and multiple reports are usually drivers of the required investment. Like any other solutions provider, there is an acquisition fee, licence fee, implementation cost and annual support fee. We believe that our solution will bring you more value for your investment.

IMPACTS - You indicate that implementations are usually done in parallel, does this mean that there are no impacts on our operations?

The impact will depend on your needs but will be typically lower than the competition. For example, with Hyperclose, you can automate your capital expenditure continuity schedule. This often require GL accounts to be created. Because people are already coding invoices to existing accounts, they might have to learn new posting accounts. However, we try to minimize those changes by creating accounts that are less frequently used. In this example, we know that the usual account for capital expenditure used during the year is the addition account. We can then create an openning balance account and a disposal account which are used much less frequently and minimize the impact.

SECURITY - Usually flexibility comes at the expense of security. Since your tools are highly flexible, does this mean they are less secure?

We would tend to agree when you are referring to data management. However, our tools are usually mostly reporting solutions and as such, can have the security you want. How do you secure very confidential Excel files? The answer to this questions can usually be applied to our solutions.