project management

Why buy all these modules in order to get the information you need organised the way you want ? CFO Toolbox offers tools that are complete and designed around your needs. We also offer a comprehensive project management approach. We have the expertise of multiple system implementations from simple systems to tier one solutions, such as Quickbook, AS400, Dynamics, SAP and Oracle

Our solutions are INTEGRATED and usually implemented in parallel which reduces the impact on your organisation. You can continue to operate the old way until you feel comfortable the automated solution delivers what you need.

senior financial management

What differentiates us from the competition is our focus. We have senior financial management expertise and the technlogical aspect is driven by the the financial requirements and not the other way around.

We believe that solutions designed and implemented by IT professionnal will always try to understand what accounting professionals are doing and why. They will then try to figure out what to design and implement. Our approach is different, we have a deep understanding and expertise of the finance function. Our tools were developped by a CFO who has many years of experience.

The implementation time is usually fast. You can expect a basic package to be implemented whitin 3 months if you can dedicate the effort in this time period. However, since we have a parallel approach, we can go at your own pace. Give us a call, we will be happy to make a demo of Hyperclose. Pick up the phone and call the CFO Toolbox at 1-888-415-5821

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  • Payroll Management

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Your time is precious
benefit of focusing on the analysis

Your time is precious

We offer a simple solution that will do much more that what the other solutions try to do. We usually initially focus on your 3 or 4 most important key performance indicators but can implement much more.

Another month end around the corner.

Want to reduce your wokload to close your month, quarters and year ? With Hyperclose, you can enjoy the benefit of focusing on the analysis.